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[CoPas] “It is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer” error message when you try to shut down your computer

Symptoms :

When you try to shut down your Microsoft Windows XP-based or Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer, the computer may stop responding, and you may receive the following message:

It is now safe to turn off your computer
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[CoPas] You cannot log on to Windows XP (auto log off)

Cause :

Wsaupdater.exe is spyware that changes Userinit.exe, to Wsaupdater.exe in the registry. Ad-Aware by Lavasoft removes the Wsaupdater.exe file from the computer, but it cannot change the registry subkey back to Userinit.exe,. The registry subkey that is changed is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Value: Userinit
Data: %Windir%\System32\Wsaupdater.exe

Note : %windir% represents the location of the System32 folder. For example, if the location is C:\Windows\System32, the data would be C:\Windows\System32\Wsaupdater.exe.

The data should contain Userinit.exe, instead of Wsaupdater.exe. In the previous example, the data would be C:\Windows\System32\Userinit.exe,.

Note : The comma following the file path information is required. Lanjutkan membaca “[CoPas] You cannot log on to Windows XP (auto log off)”

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Generic Trojan – DWH****.tmp in Temp folder

I am troubleshooting a SAV client with scan engine and up-to-date definitions , except that SAV successfully quarantines all of the .tmp files, so there are no files to delete when I boot into safe mode.

Once or twice daily, Auto-Protect nags dozens of these files, all of them like this with DWH***.tmp in the Temp folder:
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[CoPas] Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista

Many people familiar with prior versions of Windows are curious what happened to the built-in Administrator account that was always created by default. Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?

The account is created in Windows 7 or Vista, but since it’s not enabled you can’t use it. If you are troubleshooting something that needs to run as administrator, you can enable it with a simple command.

Note: You really shouldn’t use this account for anything other than troubleshooting. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use it at all. Lanjutkan membaca “[CoPas] Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista”

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Cannot open services.msc, event viewer, access denied

Pertanyaan :

i tried to open services.msc from the run window which resulted in access is denied, while i am the administartor. i also tried to open the other *.msc which also resulted in the same.
i also tried fron the folder systerm32 but no success. please help me. i dont want to format my window.

Jawaban :

Saw the .MSC association report you PM’ed. The MMC “open” registry value type was incorrect. To fix the problem, download and apply the .MSC fix from Doug’s page:

File association fixes:

sumber : http://aumha.net/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=38753