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[CoPas] “It is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer” error message when you try to shut down your computer

Symptoms :

When you try to shut down your Microsoft Windows XP-based or Microsoft Windows 2000-based computer, the computer may stop responding, and you may receive the following message:

It is now safe to turn off your computer
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[CoPas] You cannot log on to Windows XP (auto log off)

Cause :

Wsaupdater.exe is spyware that changes Userinit.exe, to Wsaupdater.exe in the registry. Ad-Aware by Lavasoft removes the Wsaupdater.exe file from the computer, but it cannot change the registry subkey back to Userinit.exe,. The registry subkey that is changed is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Value: Userinit
Data: %Windir%\System32\Wsaupdater.exe

Note : %windir% represents the location of the System32 folder. For example, if the location is C:\Windows\System32, the data would be C:\Windows\System32\Wsaupdater.exe.

The data should contain Userinit.exe, instead of Wsaupdater.exe. In the previous example, the data would be C:\Windows\System32\Userinit.exe,.

Note : The comma following the file path information is required. Baca lebih lanjut

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Layar monitor gak mau nyala

Layar monitor gak mau nyala, PC hidup normal, monitor normal, coba dicek power supply sama kipas processor…

MySQL database deactivated

I have just installed the latest release of Xampp (1.7.2) onto a clean Windows install and when i bring up the xampp status page (http://localhost/xampp/) it says that MySQL is Deactivated, but I saw at the XAMPP Control Panel, mySQL was running. This problem happen after I change the MySQL password from security page (http://localhost/security/)


This is the solution

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Generic Trojan – DWH****.tmp in Temp folder

I am troubleshooting a SAV client with scan engine and up-to-date definitions , except that SAV successfully quarantines all of the .tmp files, so there are no files to delete when I boot into safe mode.

Once or twice daily, Auto-Protect nags dozens of these files, all of them like this with DWH***.tmp in the Temp folder:
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[CoPas] Enable the (Hidden) Administrator Account on Windows 7 or Vista

Many people familiar with prior versions of Windows are curious what happened to the built-in Administrator account that was always created by default. Does this account still exist, and how can you access it?

The account is created in Windows 7 or Vista, but since it’s not enabled you can’t use it. If you are troubleshooting something that needs to run as administrator, you can enable it with a simple command.

Note: You really shouldn’t use this account for anything other than troubleshooting. In fact, you probably shouldn’t use it at all. Baca lebih lanjut

HP Deskjet 3550 tidak bisa ngeprint di user biasa

Baru tau tadi pagi, ternyata printer HP Deskjet 3550 tidak bisa ngeprint normal di user yang setara user biasa, kertas tetap rolling, namun tidak keluar tinta sama sekali, namun bila user tersebut setara administrator, printer berjalan dengan normal, masih coba googling belum ketemu solusinya.

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Cannot open services.msc, event viewer, access denied

Pertanyaan :

i tried to open services.msc from the run window which resulted in access is denied, while i am the administartor. i also tried to open the other *.msc which also resulted in the same.
i also tried fron the folder systerm32 but no success. please help me. i dont want to format my window.

Jawaban :

Saw the .MSC association report you PM’ed. The MMC “open” registry value type was incorrect. To fix the problem, download and apply the .MSC fix from Doug’s page:

File association fixes:

sumber :

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